Dental Wipes for Baby and Toddler Smiles
Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Tissues

Are baby teeth important? Aren’t they lost later anyway?

BABY TEETH ARE VERY IMPORTANT! It is a common myth that primary/baby teeth do not matter.

Proper oral hygiene begins at birth!


Every child should be given the opportunity to grow up never experiencing dental decay. Baby teeth are important for chewing which is needed for proper nutrition and helps develop the bones and muscles of the face. They give kids a nice smile that is important to establishing self-confidence. Baby teeth aid in learning speech, and hold space in the mouth for the adult teeth to grow in.

With proper oral care and nutrition, no child should ever have to suffer from cavities or more serious dental infection.

Where can I find Tooth Tissues?

You can order Tooth Tissues online by heading to our Order page or you can find a store that carries Tooth Tissues near you.

If you are looking to ship anywhere in Europe, please visit Big Green Smile.

When can we start using Tooth Tissues?

Once feeding patterns are established, Tooth Tissues can be used to wipe all around a baby’s mouth.

Can they be used for more than just babies and toddlers?

YES! Our wipes are perfect for the “transitional smile” when adult front teeth are erupting. As adult teeth come in, they are usually spaced out making oral hygiene difficult for traditional toothbrushes and floss. Use TOOTH TISSUES to easily clean between these gaps.

For Adults -- TOOTH TISSUES are ideal for any large gaps, around missing teeth, around a healing implant, and the back of the last teeth.

TOOTH TISSUES can also be used by anyone to wipe away decay causing plaque and freshen their mouth between brushings.

Can I use them on my pets?

NO. Tooth Tissues are not meant for pets.

What are the ingredients?

Our complete ingredients are: Water, glycerin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, hydrated silica, xylitol, xanthan gum, sodium levulinate, sodium phytate, and potassium sorbate.
Sodium Levulinate is a corn derived preservative that is natural and eco-friendly. Sodium Phytate is a rice bran derivative that is a stabilizer. It is natural and eco-friendly.

What if my child is OVER 16 months?

Tooth Tissues can be used exclusively to clean a baby's mouth/teeth until their back molars arrive, which is on average 16 months. So, if you count your baby's teeth... and there are only the front 6 on the top and bottom, the Tooth Tissues will still serve you well by themselves.

When the primary molars are in, a toothbrush should be the primary form of oral hygiene especially at night. However, with that said, in both our offices, we hand out samples for babies, children and adults alike because there are many times you will not have a toothbrush handy and the xylitol in the wipes and the physical removal of plaque will help prevent tooth decay. Tooth Tissues can be used after juice or snack when you are on the go.